Saturday, July 31, 2010

Life Recap

To satisfy my nosy aunt, whom I love, I will do a little life recap.
I'm quitting my job at G&P because I finally found another, WAY better job! I'll be a writing tutor at ASU, which is a great opportunity for me, as I hope to someday be an editor (not for newspapers, for novels). It's only 50 cents an hour less, with a lot more flexibility in the schedule, and a step towards what I want to do with my life. Can't ask for much more!
I'm half way through college right now, going for English Linguistics, and I LOVE it. Two more years, during which time I hope to do some sort of internship that might get me in with an editing or publishing company. Justin has a year and a half left, he's going for Supply Chain management with a minor in Chinese. Supply chain management is basically logistics, figuring out how to best run the company, how to make sure a package gets from point A to point B, including all the annoying paperwork, in a timely manner, that kind of thing.
If I could think of anything else to recap, I would do so here, but that answers all of the questions I was asked, so for now it will have to do.
Thanks for the interest in what I'm up to! It's always nice to know someone wants to know more about me :)

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RandiSue said...

Oh thank you Lori, I feel very satisfied. Good luck to you.