Monday, September 26, 2016

Wesley's blessing

We blessed baby Wesley on Sunday, July 31st, 2016. We had so much family there to support us, it was truly a beautiful day. His blessing mentioned his happy disposition, and how it would be a blessing to him in his life. It's amazing how true that already is. He's such a sweet, happy guy. 

Shout out to my incredibly talented mother, who made Wesley's very dapper blessing outfit. 

My parents, surrounded by their 16 (!) grandkids. We gave them numbers 10 and 16. :)

Wedding Season

This summer, Wesley wasn't the only one to join the Clement family. Justin's brother Travis married Anna on July 1st, and his sister Natalie married Jayden on August 5th. It made for a very busy, love-filled summer!

It also makes me feel old. We celebrated 7 years of marriage in May! The time has gone by so fast.

In addition to being a bridesmaid for Natalie, and helping plan bridal showers, I was asked to make a wedding cheesecake for the Booth wedding. It was a big undertaking, especially with a 3.5 year old and a 3 month old to take care of! But it turned out delicious, and almost as beautiful as I wanted it to be. ;) I only wish more people had been able to enjoy tasting it. They wanted 3 tiers, which wouldn't be quite enough for everyone, so they bought Costco cheesecake to supplement. Unfortunately by some misunderstanding, the Costco cake was served first, so not many guests were able to sample my cheesecake. But everyone got dessert (that wanted it), and the bride was happy, which is the most important thing. And the groom was very happy to eat the leftover cheesecake.

It was definitely stressful to have 2 siblings get married when I had a newborn, but, with only 1 sibling left unmarried, I know I won't have to do that again! And it is such a blessing to have two new siblings in the family. The love makes the craziness worth it.

Cupcakes I made for Natalie's bridal shower
The boys at the Clement wedding
Natalie and Jayden
Jeremy had a blast playing in the old Model T with his "crazy boys", as he calls them: Justin's cousins, Tanner and Matthew
The bow tie was still a bit big on him
Happy couple! 
Anna is already a wonderful aunt. We love her! 
The cream cheese, sour cream and eggs required to make 10", 8" and 6" cheesecakes

Cutting the cake

A close up. Not perfect, but I was pleased, considering all I had going on! And Natalie was happy. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wesley: the first month(ish)

This post will consist mostly of pictures of our little family with little snippets of story interspersed here and there. 
Tenderly holding his brother's hand 
My boys :)
I love the way Jeremy is looking at Wesley here
First picture with all 4 of us
Pretending to lick the baby, because why not? 
"Look how big I am!"
Love the grumpy old man face 
Random trip to Costco, where Jeremy insisted on wearing his Mario hat. Eh, why not?
Silly faces! 
All dressed up in their Sunday best
Jeremy on the left, Wesley the right around the same age
We went as a family to pick peaches at Schnepf Farms. Jeremy had a blast, Wesley mostly slept. J's favorite parts were the train and the shooting gallery, even though we didn't pay for him to actually play the shooting game!
A day in the life of a mother of two
Justin and the boys got matching ASU ties for father's day

Monday, September 19, 2016

A brief update

Hello blogging world! I'm still alive, and well aware of just how far behind I have fallen. Thanks to the occasional reminders from my sweet niece, I am making an effort to catch up!
Since it's been 4+ months, I'll break up the update into a series of posts. I'll try to get them all written this week, but it will depend on how helpful (or not) two little boys are.
For this post, just a hello, and a sprinkling of cute pictures.

Today is Talk Like a Pirate day! We love to celebrate by getting free krispy kreme donuts. 
Random picture from during stake conference. He's cute. 
My favorite part of our pirate costumes was Wesley's mustache.