Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baby Jeremy

I had another u/s today to check on how Jeremy is doing, so I thought I'd share all the lovely photos with you :) He's still definitely a boy, and boy is he big! They estimate him to weigh 4lbs 14oz right now. He's supposed to weigh right around 3. So, I'll be having a big baby. No surprises, and at least I have my sister as an example, so I'm not too worried. If Ashley can birth a 10 pounder, I can, too! Right?

The profile view

A little foot (also known as: what's been kicking me in the ribs for the past few weeks)

His face - you can see an eye, his nose, and his lips, along with his hand 

Another shot of his face. He was too cuddly to show off his full face at any point. 

It's getting closer! Just 9 weeks left, and I'll be able to take pictures that will be even cuter!

Monday, October 15, 2012


I LOVE this time of year! I have all my Halloween decorations up (or at least all the ones I'm putting up this year - fake cobwebs in the corners of the room have been nixed this year, because I shouldn't be standing on chairs to put them up!).

This weekend, Justin and I are going to a place called Apple Hill. It's a little less than an hour east of us (and slightly north), and apparently it's the place to go this time of year. All of our friends from around here have already been, I guess we're a bit behind! It's a giant group of apple orchards, and each orchard has different things you can come check out. If you've ever been to a really big pumpkin patch place (like Young's Farm in AZ before they closed), it sounds kind of like that, but way bigger, and with apples. I'm really excited to check it out! And if it is as fantastic as it sounds, I'm definitely going to take my parents there when they come for Thanksgiving. I've been reading the websites of some of the different orchards, and there is a lot to offer. They have every kind of apple food you can imagine - caramel apples, apple cider, pies, and even apple cider fudge! Stay tuned for pictures, because I'm certainly going to bring my camera this weekend.

Things have been pretty busy lately. Last week at Intel there was a big fundraiser event, including a kind of bake sale. I contributed a whole bunch of little brownie bites, so I spent quite a bit of time baking those up. According to Justin, they got rave reviews from everyone who tried them :)

On Saturday, I had a baby shower from my ward! It turned out really great. Good food, good company, and some silly games :) I got some more baby stuff, so now Justin and I can start shopping to fill in the gaps. Mostly it's just the big ticket items we still need - stroller, car seat, crib, dresser. A few smaller things as well, but it should be pretty manageable. I really want to get the crib and dresser so we can start setting up Jeremy's nursery! Another thing I'll be sure to post pictures of when I have them :)

I have a whole bunch of pictures of food that I've made recently, but they are on my camera, which is in the other room. Maybe I'll add some pictures later today for you all. If you want to be sure to see them, you could always follow my craft blog, where I'll post about each recipe in the coming weeks.

That's most of my big updates for now. Mostly I'm just really excited for this weekend to see if Apple Hill can live up to the hype. Hooray for autumn!