Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baby Jeremy

I had another u/s today to check on how Jeremy is doing, so I thought I'd share all the lovely photos with you :) He's still definitely a boy, and boy is he big! They estimate him to weigh 4lbs 14oz right now. He's supposed to weigh right around 3. So, I'll be having a big baby. No surprises, and at least I have my sister as an example, so I'm not too worried. If Ashley can birth a 10 pounder, I can, too! Right?

The profile view

A little foot (also known as: what's been kicking me in the ribs for the past few weeks)

His face - you can see an eye, his nose, and his lips, along with his hand 

Another shot of his face. He was too cuddly to show off his full face at any point. 

It's getting closer! Just 9 weeks left, and I'll be able to take pictures that will be even cuter!

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