Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

34, 33, 32...

I've been really good about taking a picture each day, just not so good at posting those pictures... Anyway! Here's the next batch:



Only 32 days until Justin and I graduate! :-)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Days 36 and 35



And, so that you guys don't forget how awesome I am... as of today I have written 31,295 words for National Novel Writing Month! I'm on fire this year! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So, I know I posted day 39 for the sock challenge, but it seems to have disappeared, plus I missed yesterday (I did post them to FB though, check there for proof!).




In other news, I am doing REALLY well on NaNoWriMo. I have written 26,024 words as of today! The goal for today is only 15k if you are going for 50k. I am aiming for 75k, and my personal goal for today was 22,616, so no matter what I am ahead! It's all very exciting. 
Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Life Update

I thought it would be good to do a general update on how things are going in the Clement home.
School has slowed down quite a bit for me. I actually only have one major deadline left before finals. Crazy! Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Justin. His school work has been picking up more, and he's spent several days recently staying up way later than I ever would doing homework. Somehow it always seems to work out though that when I have a lot of homework, he doesn't, and when he does, I don't. So right now, I'm keeping him fed, and I'm trying to keep the house in a semblance of order.
It is now November, and I'm sure you all know what that means. NaNoWriMo! I am once again participating, because I think it's grand fun. I'll try not to bother y'all with it too much, but hopefully there will be a word count widget on the side bar soon (once NaNoWriMo makes them for this year... not sure what the hold up is!). For those who are curious, my current word count after 5 days of writing (I give myself Sundays off) is 16,817. Best start I've ever had.
In other news, Justin and I have been released as Primary teachers. We are now Ward Missionaries. And I have no idea what that means, lol. We went to our first meeting a week and a half ago, and I felt rather out of the loop. One of the first things the Ward Mission Leader asked was whether I play the piano, so that secret is out now. I guess I need to get to work learning some of the Baptism songs.
And probably the biggest news in our lives right now... (I saved it for last on purpose, only people who suffer through all the boring stuff get rewarded with the interesting stuff!):
Justin's job search. He hasn't been given any offers yet, but this past Wednesday he had a third-round interview with Intel. If he gets the position, he will be a Supply Chain Analyst working out of Folsom, CA, just outside of Sacramento. So, yeah, we could be moving 13 hours away come January. Right now, it's the only company that's really pursuing him, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that it works out so that he has a job when he graduates. We should find out in the next couple of weeks.
And just for fun, and because of a passing comment Justin made, I am doing a Knee-Sock countdown to graduation. As of today, there are only 40 days until Justin and I graduate. I have 36 pairs of Knee-high socks, which means I can wear a different pair every day until we graduate, with only repeating or buying four pairs. (I'm leaning toward the buying side... you can never have enough!)
So basically, I'm going to wear a different pair of knee-high socks every day from now until we graduate, at which point I'll have to get some ASU knee highs to sport for the graduation festivities.
Here's day one (oh yes, I'm documenting the process):