Saturday, July 31, 2010

Life Recap

To satisfy my nosy aunt, whom I love, I will do a little life recap.
I'm quitting my job at G&P because I finally found another, WAY better job! I'll be a writing tutor at ASU, which is a great opportunity for me, as I hope to someday be an editor (not for newspapers, for novels). It's only 50 cents an hour less, with a lot more flexibility in the schedule, and a step towards what I want to do with my life. Can't ask for much more!
I'm half way through college right now, going for English Linguistics, and I LOVE it. Two more years, during which time I hope to do some sort of internship that might get me in with an editing or publishing company. Justin has a year and a half left, he's going for Supply Chain management with a minor in Chinese. Supply chain management is basically logistics, figuring out how to best run the company, how to make sure a package gets from point A to point B, including all the annoying paperwork, in a timely manner, that kind of thing.
If I could think of anything else to recap, I would do so here, but that answers all of the questions I was asked, so for now it will have to do.
Thanks for the interest in what I'm up to! It's always nice to know someone wants to know more about me :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Gettin' to the end!

Summer is almost over. For many people, this is a sad thing. Most people are sad to see the carefree days of summer turn into the stressful days of school. I am not one of those people.
I love school! Plus once you're all grown up, summer means lots of work, not lots of play.
I only have one week left at my job! I'm so very happy about this! I have a week off for a bit of a break, so I can get my house from its current state of shambles to half-way presentable. I like to start the semester with a clean house, because I know once the homework starts piling up, it's impossible to keep up on everything.
Justin's job is pretty tiring, both on him and on me. It's hard when he doesn't get home until 9 most nights, and I'm quite a morning person. I feel like I've spent the entire summer tired, because my body just can't get used to being up late. I'm excited for his job to end in a few weeks so I can go back to going to bed at 9:30!
I figure I'll post some pictures of the random things I've done here at there over the summer.. really most of my spare time has been spent at my parents, or baking. I did get a chance to go on a picnic with Justin a while back, that was quite fun!

It didn't rain that night, but the sunset sure was pretty!
Look how cute my picnic basket is! 
So, on to the baking... 

Who doesn't love cheesecake? 

Got this recipe for cake ball truffles from Bakerella - long process, but pretty and yummy! 

And from, a recipe for sugar cookies with glacĂ© icing. 

Back to non-food items, this is why I love my hubby! He lets me buy super fun shoes, and surprises me with sunflowers! 
I don't know if I've mentioned, this summer Justin and I got called to be... sunbeam teachers! A calling we get to serve in together! The kids are crack-ups, it's so fun every week! 
Well, hope that serves as a decent re-cap of our summer. The next few weeks will be super exciting and fun as I get to stop working at Goodman and Partridge, Justin can stop knocking doors, and school will start back up! I can't wait! 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I love my husband!

Life has been crazy this summer. I don't get to see Justin very often, which is really hard. I'm very much looking forward to the semester starting, when I get to start my tutoring job, quit the job I hate, see my husband more often, and learn some more! I'm such a nerd, but I really truly love school. I wish someone would pay me for that to be my job.
I don't really have a whole lot to blog about, not much is going on. I'm working on a Christmas stocking for Justin this summer, it's really coming along. I'm almost done with Santa, which is a big part of the stocking. And I might try my hands at making a quilt if I have time/money after finishing the stocking and before school starts. I've wanted to make a quilt for a while, but lately my desire has really increased. I know my first quilt will turn out pretty lousy, but hopefully with the aid of a very experienced quilter, I can someday make quilts as beautiful as my mother's.
My car is in the shop this week. Hopefully it will come out running well, with ac, and the bill won't be ridiculous. That's my hope. Reality says, it will probably still have problems, and will probably be more than I'm hoping. But, I can still hope :)
I really love my husband. He is such a great man, who is willing to make so many sacrifices for me. He's working six days a week, gone from 10:25-9:00 every day. It's taking a toll on him, and he's excited for school to start back up too. It's hard on both of us, but I'm so glad he's willing to go out in the hot sun and work hard to support me. He treats me so well, too, I really am so incredibly lucky.
We went on a picnic on Saturday at Pioneer Park, it was really fun! We brought sandwiches, chips, strawberries, and some cookies for dessert, and tossed around a frisbee for a while. It was so nice to just spend time with him. We usually just spend Saturday nights watching tv together, or something boring like that, it was nice to actually go out with him. I love him more than anything else on this earth, and I want him to know it (he better, with how many times I tell him every day!), and I want the world to know it.
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

You Know When It's Real

Thank you Aunt Randi!
I've been meaning to post this since we got the card, but my life is crazy, and I don't really spend a lot of time on the computer.
I won! I won the movie guessing contest. And I waited patiently, not really expecting anything because, well, frankly, I cheated. But hey, I still got credit!
I got a lovely card from my wonderful Aunt, and inside...
A giftcard to Wendy's! I don't think she even knew that Wendy's is my favorite fast food restaurant. She's good!

Yum! And lots of these:
This must be my lucky month, too, because I won another thing! Ashley's Craft blog had a giveaway, and sadly, I did not win. But, the winner didn't leave an email, and never responded to the post announcing her as the winner. So, back to "random integer generator" and out pops number 7! I knew it was lucky :) So I got a 40$ giftcard to CSN stores, where I ordered a set of 4 mini spring form pans (oh boy, cheesecake!) and a cookie press! I'm very excited to get those in the mail too.