Saturday, April 9, 2016

Getting close

I love the tail end of pregnancy. I'm probably one of very few women to ever say that, but for me, it's when I feel the best! Starting about 2 or 3 weeks ago, I finally have energy again! Combined with motivation, because of how quickly my due date is approaching, I've been getting so much done!

I still have a bit to do before baby gets here, but it's so refreshing to be crossing things off the to do list on a near daily basis. Justin is really enjoying it, too. He's been so helpful during this (and the last) pregnant, picking up the slack where I'm too tired. Doing the dishes more, and the laundry, and generally trying to keep the house tidy. But the last few weeks, he hasn't had hardly any housework to do! He still helps with dinner dishes, but he has really enjoyed not having multiple days worth of dishes to catch up on when he finally gets a chance too.

So, all around, things are going great here! People keep asking how I'm feeling, and most of them seem surprised when I say I feel great, and actually mean it. I guess my body just does pregnancy different!

In other news, I recently got a new calling. I'm now the primary chorister! I'm so happy to be back in primary. I was only the RS Meeting coordinator for a few months, but the whole time, it just didn't feel right. I felt like I'm supposed to be in primary, and I guess I was right, since they put me back in! It's a little challenging with timing, since I don't have a lot of lung space right now, and I'll be missing a few Sundays pretty soon here. Luckily the previous chorister was called as ward choir director, so she's available to step in for me when I have the baby. And she's very happy to do so, which is awesome.

Jeremy has been a lot of fun lately, too. The more vocal he gets, the funnier he gets. Yesterday we were trying to get him into his pjs, and he wasn't interested. So Justin balanced them on his face, to where he was looking through the neck hole. When Jeremy saw, he said "silly old man!" We both busted up laughing!

He also still enjoys pretending to be a dog, which has actually started coming in handy. We'll tell him which of his dinner foods dogs like to eat, and he's more likely to eat it. We brush his doggy teeth, and he's much more cooperative. It's also great for wearing him out without wearing me out. Doggies love to play fetch and do tricks. :) And I love it a little more than most moms might, because it's a little bit of me coming through!

This past weekend, Justin and I decided to have a little vacation without the pup. Justin's parents watched Jeremy overnight Friday to Saturday, and we went to the Arizona Grand Resort right by south mountain. Most of our time was spent trying out different foods in the valley that I've been wanting to try. We had a lot of ice cream, and just a lot of good food in general. We also did some swimming, since they have a water park at the resort, and some exploring around Phoenix on Saturday morning. It was a fun, relaxing weekend.

Those are the main updates I can think of right now. I'm not sure if I'll post again before the baby comes, so my next post might be very exciting! Fingers crossed that this delivery goes better than my last!

Jeremy helping with the dishes
We've been trying to figure out the best way to fit two car seats in our civic. We're still working on it. 
I love his static slide hair! 
I made a super yummy cheesecake. This is me bragging about it. :)
My latest bump picture. In other news, I figured out how to add captions! Yay!
A few pics from our "stay-cation". Yummy ice cream and croissants, my adorable hubby, and a not super great picture of the 2 of us right before swimming