Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Five months old

Today is Jeremy's five month birthday. Can you believe it? It has been such an amazing five months.
Jeremy is becoming more and more playful. He will smile at anyone who talks to him, including little old ladies at the store, who all think he's just adorable.
He loves to play with his feet. So far he has only put his left foot into his mouth. Justin thinks that might be because his left arm is stronger, so it's able to pull it up higher. He really wants Jeremy to be a lefty like him. :)
He also loves to stand. Any time we hold him up on his feet, he instantly starts smiling. It's really funny when he's fussy and we do that, and he doesn't know whether to smile or cry, so he does both.
Jeremy has so far eaten rice cereal, carrots, and yams. The yams are by far his favorite. He screams if we don't get the next bite in his mouth fast enough!
He has one tooth, and is working on his second. Since getting the first, he rarely doesn't have something in his mouth. He seems to enjoy feeling the tooth with his hand and tongue. He also likes feeling mommy and daddy's teeth, which isn't always too pleasant for us.
Jeremy loves reading. He would be content to read for hours if he didn't get hungry or tired. He does get impatient if you spend too long on one page though.
He also loves water bottles and his little basketball. He tries to get them in his mouth, of course.
He loves screens, too. TV, phones, if it's in sight, he'll stare and stare.
He brings so much joy and laughter into our home. He loves to be tickled on his belly with a nose; that's the easiest way to get him laughing. He is a bit of a daddy's boy already. That might just be because by the end of the day, he's ready to see someone besides mommy (and mommy is usually ready for that, too). It is so fun watching him learn and grow and develop.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quilt blocks and cuties

I finished both May blocks the two days after I did the second April block. I decided to take a break before doing June to make myself a wallet (which I finished, but didn't take pictures of) and some bibs for Jeremy. Now that he's teething, he drools a LOT, and sometimes soaks his onesie enough to irritate his skin. He only has one cloth bib, so I'm going to make a few more for him from scraps I have.
I've also included some pictures of Jeremy, because he's adorable. :) My favorite is the one where he's on his tummy. Such a cutie!