Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good morning!

Someone is very smiley this morning.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jeremy Update

Just a little update with a few cute stories. 
A few weeks ago, Justin went on a scout campout overnight. He got back around lunch time on Saturday. When Jeremy saw him, he was SO excited. He stopped eating (despite definitely still being hungry!) and gave his daddy a huge grin. Justin then turned and started walking away to put some of his gear away, and Jeremy SCREAMED! He needed his daddy time; he was not happy that Justin had been gone! 

He has also recently discovered his feet, and it seems like he is always holding them. 
He sure does have a sweet smile. 
And a little update about the mommy... I decided to start back up on the Quilt Block of the Month, and try to finish it this year! I got through March last year, so April seemed like the perfect month to pick back up this year. 

I didn't super love the effort involved in English paper piecing, and the Cloudy with a Chance of Hex block just didn't go with my autumn theme. So, I did the hexagon stripe, to learn the technique, and found a different block online for the second one. I like it a lot more! 
The picture isn't the greatest, because it's from my phone, and the lighting was bad, but you get the idea. Also, I haven't trimmed off the edges of the hex stripe yet. Obviously. 
That's all for now!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A brief update

I know I haven't really blogged since Jeremy was born... oops. Sorry! I often get discouraged with blogging though, because it feels as if no one actually reads the posts, except the people who I talk to regularly anyway (hi mom!). But on the off chance that others actually do read this, I guess I'll post something. 

Jeremy is asleep on my lap right now, so we'll see how long he gives me. 

Today, Jeremy rolled over for the first time! I can't believe how fast he is growing! 

He makes the cutest little faces :) 
He also had rice cereal for the first time on Sunday, his 4 month birthday.   
He can do quite a lot of things now. He can hold up his head like a pro, he can smile, he can talk up a storm! 

 I've heard him laugh once... and a sort-of-almost-but-not-quite-laugh a few other times. 
He is very good at gripping things. He has a little red "chew toy" as my sister would call it. We went for a walk with my friend Julie yesterday. I gave him the little toy when I loaded him into the stroller, and when we got back, about 45 minutes later, he was still gripping it. He's good at putting things in his mouth, too. 
He has a few favorites already. He loves the little red chew toy, along with his fishy rattle. I think it's because they are easier to grip than some of his other toys. 

He loves blankets! I think he picked this up from Henry the last time we were in AZ. He won't go to sleep now unless he is snuggled up with a blanket. 

He loves observing. I've noticed that if he is tired when we go somewhere, he will stay awake the whole time, until we get back in the car. He then thinks we're just going home, so he'll fall asleep in the car. He doesn't want to miss a thing! 
He loves people. He can entertain himself in his crib in the mornings, talking to himself and such, but when I go in there to get him, I always get a big smile! He did this to his "Auntie" Essi, too. I was holding him, and she came over. When he saw her, his face broke out in a big gummy grin. I love that smile! 

He loves to see what's going on. I was skyping with my mom while feeding him the other day. As soon as he heard her voice, he was DONE eating. He arched his back under the nursing cover, trying to see the computer screen. So I pulled him out where he could see, and he just laid there, looking backwards over his shoulder at his grandma 'roney. 

He also sleeps in his own crib at night now. We started that last week. He seemed completely unphased. He didn't sleep any better or worse. 
We stay quite busy over here. We have a LOT of friends in the ward, so there's pretty much always something going on. I don't remember the last week that I didn't have some sort of get-together to go to. 

Well, there's my little update. I'd do more, but I can't think of anything else, and typing all side-ways like this because of where Jeremy is is starting to hurt my back. 

If you want to hear from me more often, comment, otherwise it will probably be at least another four months!