Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wesley is 5 months old!

Even though I'm still working on catching up from the summer, I'm writing a fresh post about right now.

Today, Wesley is 5 months old. It's scary how quickly these five months have gone! I knew it would go faster than it did with Jeremy, but I wasn't prepared for it to blaze by at lightning speed!

Wesley is everywhere! He's a pro at rolling all over the place. He's not crawling, but he doesn't need to; he gets where he wants to go! And he doesn't like to stay on his back, even when he's sleeping. He used to just turn and sleep on his side, but since he's gotten better at rolling, he always sleeps on his tummy.

Anything he can grab goes straight into his mouth. As I'm writing this, he keeps trying to grab my phone. He loves chewing on his little toys.

He is such a friendly baby. He'll wake up and be crying or fussing in his crib, but as soon as Justin or I go in there, he gives us a big grin. And he's happy to smile at just about anyone who smiles at him.

He also loves to watch his brother, which Jeremy gets a huge kick out of. Jeremy will run back and forth behind me just so he can watch Wesley's eyes follow him.

Wesley is definitely his father's child. If he's fussy and Justin puts on drum corps, Wesley is immediately captivated.

He still isn't letting us get any sleep, but we're at least getting one 3-hour stretch most nights, instead of up every 2 hours, all night long

He has tried 2 food purees to date: carrots and prunes. So far, he's still skeptical of both.

All in all, he's a really good baby. Other than not sleeping at night, most days he doesn't really fuss unless he's hungry or poopy. We're so glad he's part of our family.

Drum corps

We did a lot of drum corps things this summer. It was a very exciting year for Drum Corps. The Academy, the Corps Justin marched in back in the day, had their best year ever! For the first time, they made it into finals! They were a top 12 Corps. And they ended up finishing in 11th place.

Justin and I took the kids to the show when they played here in town, and we ended up paying to be able to stream all the later shows. So we were able to have 2 different drum corps parties. We will probably make that a yearly thing. It was really neat to be able to watch the shows develop over the course of the season.

Unfortunately I apparently didn't take any pictures of our little parties, but here are a few from the show we went to.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Miscellaneous Summer fun

The chocolate extreme cake I made for Justin's birthday
Memorial Day at Golden Corral. Also our first family picture that wasn't a selfie.
When you're the younger brother, you just get used to it.
At some point, when Jeremy gets sick of Wesley copying him, I'm going to remind him that when Wesley was a baby, he always wanted to copy Wesley! 
So pretty!
Sometimes, when I'm snapping a ton of pictures, I look through later and find one like this. 
For Father's day, the boys got matching ASU ties. I found the right color of tie, then my mom used her embroidery machine to add pitchforks. 
The dentist had a photo booth.
For the first month-ish of Wesley being able to smile, the easiest way to elicit a smile was to put him in his bouncer. For some reason, he would look at the little squirrel toy and just giggle and giggle! 
Bow ties are for more than just necks, you know. 
This is what having a 3 year old looks like. 
Wish I looked that cute yawning! 
Wesley's first swimming trip

Gibson Family Reunion

For some unknown reason, we thought it was a good idea to take our 2 month old camping. Not really camping, though. We stayed in a hotel at night, but met up with all the family for the rest of the time. It was a fairly laid back trip, consisting mostly of running around outside (Jeremy), playing card and board games (me), talking to people about boring stuff like sports and business (Justin), and sleeping and snuggling (Wesley).

We packed warm coats, since we weren't sure how cold mornings would get. It ended up being fairly warm, but Jeremy was still convinced he needed a coat.
Apparently I mostly just took pictures of Wesley.