Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Miscellaneous Summer fun

The chocolate extreme cake I made for Justin's birthday
Memorial Day at Golden Corral. Also our first family picture that wasn't a selfie.
When you're the younger brother, you just get used to it.
At some point, when Jeremy gets sick of Wesley copying him, I'm going to remind him that when Wesley was a baby, he always wanted to copy Wesley! 
So pretty!
Sometimes, when I'm snapping a ton of pictures, I look through later and find one like this. 
For Father's day, the boys got matching ASU ties. I found the right color of tie, then my mom used her embroidery machine to add pitchforks. 
The dentist had a photo booth.
For the first month-ish of Wesley being able to smile, the easiest way to elicit a smile was to put him in his bouncer. For some reason, he would look at the little squirrel toy and just giggle and giggle! 
Bow ties are for more than just necks, you know. 
This is what having a 3 year old looks like. 
Wish I looked that cute yawning! 
Wesley's first swimming trip

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