Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wesley: the first month(ish)

This post will consist mostly of pictures of our little family with little snippets of story interspersed here and there. 
Tenderly holding his brother's hand 
My boys :)
I love the way Jeremy is looking at Wesley here
First picture with all 4 of us
Pretending to lick the baby, because why not? 
"Look how big I am!"
Love the grumpy old man face 
Random trip to Costco, where Jeremy insisted on wearing his Mario hat. Eh, why not?
Silly faces! 
All dressed up in their Sunday best
Jeremy on the left, Wesley the right around the same age
We went as a family to pick peaches at Schnepf Farms. Jeremy had a blast, Wesley mostly slept. J's favorite parts were the train and the shooting gallery, even though we didn't pay for him to actually play the shooting game!
A day in the life of a mother of two
Justin and the boys got matching ASU ties for father's day

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