Saturday, May 14, 2011

School's Out for the Summer!

Unfortunately, school's not out for ever. Not yet. Actually for me, it's not even out for the summer. It's out for three weeks of the summer, then back on.

But I'm not thinking about that. I'm thinking about the fact that I am done with all my finals! Justin finished his last final Tuesday. So... we're done! WAHOO!!!

And even though I'll have three classes over summer, I will only be working a few hours, and frankly, I'll have a lot of free time. I've got quite a few items on my "to do" list, but I'm still worried about being bored. Any suggestions?

Here are my plans so far:
-Finish my work-in-progress and make a few revisions
-Work on sewing (I have the fabric and pattern already for a shirt and a dress)
-Organize my home library (I'd say three book cases is enough to call it a library)
-Organize my office
-Read all of Terry Pratchett's works (by the way Ruth, the book I referenced in my last post is one of his)
-Do some crafting with my sister

So, clearly I need some more things to do to occupy my time. I've considered trying to volunteer somewhere, but the hospitals I've looked into want a year-long commitment from you, and I know I won't have time once the fall semester starts up. So, in lieu of that, I'm thinking of trying to find at least one opportunity a week to make someone's day, whether that's randomly stopping by with a plate of cookies, or mowing the lawn for someone who's sick. We'll see how that turns out.

But seriously, I want your ideas. How can I keep myself from getting stir crazy when I'm locked up in the house all day every day, with Justin working full time? Also, if you give me an idea that I end up liking enough to use, you might receive some form of baked good. Just sayin'. (Because frankly, I have time to make offers like that!)

Oh yeah, this week I'll also possibly be buying a laptop. Mine has been braking where the screen meets the base, and now it won't close at all (which kind of defeats the purpose of a laptop). On top of that, it has randomly decided to not turn on. Bad plan. So, I'm taking it to a computer shop thing today, and depending on what they tell me, I'll either have them fix it, or buy a new one. I just hope if it's out of commission that I'll be able to get my files off of it! (I'm thinking about that work-in-progress novel that I've got almost 100 pages of)

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I look forward to your suggestions!

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