Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Breaking the Trend

For most of this year (maybe all, I don't know for sure and don't feel like double checking), I've had a pattern of blogging once a month. Well, I'm sitting at work, bored, so I'm going to break that trend and blog for the second time in April. Egats!
Why, you may ask, is a college student bored at work with only a week until finals? Because I may as well be done. I practically am. The last week has been killer, with tons of big projects all due in the same three days. But, that's over now, I'm finished with my last big paper, and it's on to easy street! All I have left is a small paper (2-3 pages; piece of cake!), a super small homework assignment, a presentation that I've already prepared for, and two finals, one of which is online, and the other is in a class that I've gotten over 100% on the first two tests. So basically, I'm no longer stressed. It's a wonderful feeling.
To celebrate my stress-free life, tonight I'm going to the library! There's a book I've been wanting to read ever since I read the first 46 pages on google books (blasted limited preview!), and tonight, I'll get it! I recently found out that Mesa, unlike Tempe, is not stupid, and will let anyone in Maricopa County get a library card (I still have bitter feelings toward the Tempe Public Library), so tonight I'll get a card and enjoy. It's great because the Mesa Public Library is all of 5 minutes from my house, but the Gilbert library is like 15-20, so even though I technically live in Gilbert, it's much more convenient to go to Mesa. Plus it's on the way from school to home.
Anyway, not really much to blog about seeing as how my life has been consumed with school for the past... semester. :) I'll probably blog quite a bit more over summer when I'm bored out of my mind!
Thanks for reading!


Kathy said...

I'm glad the worst is over.

Ruth said...

Stress free is best! What book are you wanting to read? I love going to the library, we only have one in town. Grateful for interlibrary loans. Enjoy!!!