Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Straight A's?!

For several weeks, I've been waiting on one grade to post. All of my other grades for the Spring semester posted ages ago, but apparently one teacher got sick, so he was unable to submit the grades by the due date. But this weekend, they finally posted! I was expecting a B or B+ (it was mainly just a class to get another 3 credits, I wasn't actually invested in it, so I slacked off a little. Or a lot. Whatever.), and was very surprised to see it post as an A! That means that out of my 5 classes, I got 3 A's and 2 A+'s, my best semester at ASU ever (better even than my first semester, where I got 4 A's and 1 A+)! I was quite pleased, and am still a little surprised!

Justin's internship has been going very well. He loves Avnet, and is very excited to continue working there over the summer. Last week was mainly training, he didn't even meet his managers at all last week. He met a lot of high up executives though, including the guy who will become the CEO in a month! The group of interns also did some community service on Thursday, and I was allowed to tag along. We went to St. Mary's Food Bank in Phoenix and worked on an assembly line for a few hours. It was fun, and really awesome to see how much Avnet cares about the community. They have five core values that all of their employees try to remember: Integrity, team work, customer service, accountability, and innovation. I think it's great that integrity and accountability (incidentally also two of the young women's values) are among their top five! 

This past weekend, my family had a Bag-Of-Crap-Opening Party! My dad won a Bag of Crap on Woot.com (it's a big deal), so we had a party to open it. We started at my house for appetizers:

I made these cute little ladybug crackers. They were REALLY good when I first made them, but the crackers got soggy after sitting in the fridge for a little while, so I was a big disappointed with how they turned out in the end. I also wish I could have found rounder tomatoes. Oh well, they were still pretty cute. 

After appetizers, we went to my parents' house for swimming, bbq, and fireworks! We also opened the box while there, and it was full of some pretty random stuff, including pet combs, a snuggie, and a batman helicopter. 

Monday, in addition to being Memorial Day, was mine and Justin's two year anniversary. I can't believe it's been two years! Sometimes it feels like we've been married forever, other times like it's hardly been any time at all. It's been a fantastic two years though, and I'm so glad to be blessed with Justin as a husband. He really takes care of me and is there for me when I need it, and I love doing things for him! It's so fun to pack him a lunch and hide some little surprise in there for him (today it was a yummy chocolate!). He truly is a good man, and I'm really proud of all he is trying to achieve. 

Today, summer ends for me. I start two online classes today, and they'll definitely keep me busy! One of them is five weeks, and should be fairly easy. The other is a science class, it's eight weeks, and will be quite a bit of work. At least I won't get bored! 

That's all my updates for now. Thanks for reading, and have a great week! 

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I loved your lady bug crackers