Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wesley is 5 months old!

Even though I'm still working on catching up from the summer, I'm writing a fresh post about right now.

Today, Wesley is 5 months old. It's scary how quickly these five months have gone! I knew it would go faster than it did with Jeremy, but I wasn't prepared for it to blaze by at lightning speed!

Wesley is everywhere! He's a pro at rolling all over the place. He's not crawling, but he doesn't need to; he gets where he wants to go! And he doesn't like to stay on his back, even when he's sleeping. He used to just turn and sleep on his side, but since he's gotten better at rolling, he always sleeps on his tummy.

Anything he can grab goes straight into his mouth. As I'm writing this, he keeps trying to grab my phone. He loves chewing on his little toys.

He is such a friendly baby. He'll wake up and be crying or fussing in his crib, but as soon as Justin or I go in there, he gives us a big grin. And he's happy to smile at just about anyone who smiles at him.

He also loves to watch his brother, which Jeremy gets a huge kick out of. Jeremy will run back and forth behind me just so he can watch Wesley's eyes follow him.

Wesley is definitely his father's child. If he's fussy and Justin puts on drum corps, Wesley is immediately captivated.

He still isn't letting us get any sleep, but we're at least getting one 3-hour stretch most nights, instead of up every 2 hours, all night long

He has tried 2 food purees to date: carrots and prunes. So far, he's still skeptical of both.

All in all, he's a really good baby. Other than not sleeping at night, most days he doesn't really fuss unless he's hungry or poopy. We're so glad he's part of our family.

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Kathy said...

He is such a sweet baby.