Thursday, February 16, 2012

Celebrating 22

I saw this post a while ago, and wanted to do it for my next birthday. Well, with everything that has been going on lately, I kind of forgot about it until this morning. But it's not too late!

To celebrate my 22nd birthday, I will try to do 22 different random acts of kindness. And to celebrate with me, I am asking everyone I know to go out and do a random act of kindness too! (Or more than 1, if you're so inclined). Then I want you to tell me what you did. Text me, email me, comment here or on facebook, let me know somehow. I'll post all about my random acts later on (you know, after I've done them all!). I wish I had posted this earlier, so more people would see in time, but really, even if you don't see this until after work, there's still plenty of time to do one simple thing.

So join with me in celebrating my birthday by doing one random act of kindness, and then tell me about it.


Alison said...

This idea is awesome I will definitely be participating with you.

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Erna said...

I was challenged to participate in an act of kindness a few weeks ago. I went through the drive-thru and paid for the drink of the person behind me. I ended up having to go back through the drive-thru 10 minutes later due to my missing burger. The cashier informed me that my act of kindness caused a 7 car pay it forward reaction! The last car was bummed that they couldn't continue due to no one being behind them.

I still get giddy thinking about all those people paying it forward. Who would have thought a missing burger would have that kind of reward. So glad I had to go back.

Good luck with your challenge & happy birthday!