Monday, September 19, 2011

Who knew it could be so hard?

Thank you all for your input on naming my mini desserts blog! It's been fun reading your ideas. This week I have to submit three options, then I will get feedback from my peers and teacher and make a final decision. I thought I'd keep you posted too, since you gave such good responses last week! And now, for the final three (though I'm still open to other options if you have something better):

And Mini More
Oh My Ganache

I really liked Lori's Little Bits too, but for this I think I'd rather not have my name as part of it. But it does get an honorable mention :)

Feel free to vote on which of these three you like best.


Kathy said...

I see you shorten my idea. I still like "Oh my gosh, ganache".

Heidi said...

I vote for "oh my ganache"