Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's My Party...

... but I don't want to cry!

Today is my birthday, and it has been GREAT! I started out the day hearing one of the cutest little girls in the world sing me happy birthday. Breakfast was Cinnabon, bacon and strawberries, followed by presents! I got some super cute clothes, a neck massager, and a new kitchen thermometer. I also got lots of little things, like a new ladle, a box of nice chocolates, and bag of Lindor truffles, and the movie Where the Red Fern Grows (accompanied with tissues... my husband knows me so well!). I had a nice lazy morning watching M*A*S*H and spending time with the hubby.

Then, for lunch we had BLT's (so I love bacon, okay?). After that, I spent some girl time with my sister. We went to JoAnn's to get fabric for a project of mine (I'll be sure to post it when I'm done; it's going to be awesome!), then my mom came home and I got to spend some time with her, too!

This evening, Justin is taking me out to dinner at Claim Jumper, which should be really nice. I've never been there, but have wanted to try it for years!

I also got a sort-of birthday present in the mail today - I ordered a book for one of my linguistics classes, and it arrived! I need it in order to do my homework, and it should actually be really neat. It's a Chinese Grammar, basically giving all the info you would need to know to do a linguistic study of Chinese: sentence structure, phonological aspects, morphological process, all those super fun things! I'm so nerdy, I'm actually really excited to work on my homework tonight!

So, that's my day. It's been awesome, and mostly I'm just blogging about it so that those who have not yet wished me a happy birthday can do so in the comments ;-)

Thanks for reading!


Liz and Chase said...

Happy birthday!

Ruth said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. Happy birthday!

Randi said...

Aww, sounds like a great birthday, ideal for you, too. :P I'm glad you had a good one!