Thursday, February 10, 2011


So, I know that most of you probably think Justin is the only one searching for internships. Well, he's not. I was too. Well, a little tiny bit, which basically means I saw one and thought it would be totally awesome, so I applied for it. I love it when great opportunities just plop right in front of me in my email inbox. Awesome.
Well, I got it! It's for this semester, I'll be getting college credit for it. And what will I be doing, you ask? Editing the Department of English website. Yep. I'll be their proofreader, make sure there are no embarrassing mistakes, make sure the links all work, that kind of stuff. I'm so excited! You guys, I want to BE an editor some day. Like, sit-down-at-my-desk-with-a-red-pen-and-mark-up-your-book kind of editor. This is awesome, because it gives me experience actually editing something, and I can put it on my resume!

See all those red marks? Those will be from ME! 

Basically, I'm super excited that I got it. It's all done online, there's a spreadsheet thingy that I report stuff in, so I can do it whenever it fits in my schedule, at home, school, work (because my job is awesomely flexible like that!), anywhere! I just wanted to share my great news with y'all!

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Randi said...

Dang Lori, that's so awesome congrats! :) I'm glad that you have a job that is a step toward what you want to do!