Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hair cut

So, I'm giving up on my attempt to grow out my hair. I was doing it because I love the way long hair looks when it's curled all beautifully, but then I realized I'll never have time to style my hair like that, because it takes too long, and I don't care enough. So, I'm chopping off all my hair. But, since my husband is being NO help whatsoever in helping me choose I style, I come to my trusty group of blog readers!
2 (ignore the weird eye):
3 (I've always been drawn to this one, just worried the bangs would bother me):
If you have any other styles that you like that you just happen to have a picture of, I'm open to more choices, this is just what I found that I like. Let me know what you all think! 


Allison said...

Well, picture three is not showing up, but my favorite of the others is picture two. I think picture one was a little too short, and I really like the style of picture two :D

RandiSue said...

Three didn't come through for me either but I love love love #1.
But then again, I am an old lady so my opinion might not count.

Heidi said...

#1 looks like Alice from Twilight, #3 the bangs will always be in your eyes. I vote for #4.

Alison said...

I've shown #1 to get my haircut so many times except your picture has somebody elses face put onto the original picture because originally it was Allison Mack. I love the haircut you can style it flipped out or under and mine always grew out nicely.