Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christmas time is here!

It has been pretty crazy around here lately. We've had several sicknesses come through this house, making the busyness of thanksgiving week even crazier. Luckily, we were pretty much all feeling good for thanksgiving. Jeremy was a bit run down, but his cold waited to really hit until the day after. Poor guy, we didn't realize how sick he was getting in the morning, while we were running around doing shopping. We dropped him off at Justin's parents' house in the afternoon, so we could do some toy shopping, and apparently he just sat on the couch and watched the Lion King, super lethargic. We got him home, and discovered he had a little fever. Poor guy.

Today he's still been fairly sick, but he has enjoyed watching me put up Christmas decorations. He helped put ornaments on the tree, and had a blast. His ornament for this year is a storm trooper, and he had so much fun playing with it while we fluffed the tree branches. My favorite part was when he laid the storm trooper in a sleigh ornament and told me he was sleeping. I just love his imagination.

He has been getting more and more talkative, which has been fun. We were driving the other day to go to a store. As we turned off our street, he said the store was that way. Being silly, I said, "No its not! No stores this way!" He responded "Yes the store's this way. Mom, you're crazy!" He's right. I am. :)

Hopefully pretty soon we'll all be feeling better. At least Jeremy is still funny, even when he doesn't feel well. I just hope this cold of his is the last sickness we get this winter. I'm ready to really enjoy Christmas time!

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