Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Good news... We're still alive!

It's been a LONG time since I've blogged. Oops! Having a toddler really eats into your free time.

I also don't have many pictures, because the SD slot on my computer broke, and I only occasionally take the time to transfer pics from my phone. I should really do that in the near future.

But I'll include the few that I've emailed myself for various reasons.
In March, we went as a family to Disneyland! It was an absolute blast. Jeremy loved every minute of it! We were very careful to take him back to the hotel for his mid-day nap, and that was totally worth it. Sure, we lost a few hours of Disney time, but it meant that the time we did have after the nap, we could actually use effectively!
Jeremy's favorite part was seeing the characters. He was at that golden age where he wasn't afraid of them yet. I think he'd be terrified of them now! He had just learned to say "doggie", so Pluto was a big winner for him. We saw him MANY times over the course of our time there :)

He was also really good at the rides. We took him on Pirates of the Caribbean several times, and Haunted Mansion once, and he did great. I had never gone on Pirates and paid so much attention to all the animals. But when that's all you recognize, that's what you get excited about. It was so cute to see him point them all out.
Triking with Grandma

Feeding the goats at the zoo. Can you tell he's an animal lover?

 We also went to AZ on that trip for my Papa's Celebration of Life. We were really grateful we could make it to that, and it's always great to see family. Jeremy also enjoyed the crackle-fest at the memorial.
Lately Jeremy has been picking up a lot more words. He's getting really good at animal sounds. Just in the last week or two, he's learned horse (neigh), cow (moo), kitty (meow), and car (vroom! and go!).

He also has become obsessed with bikes. We recently got a bike trailer, so we can take him out on bike rides. He would rather play with the pedals and chain on the bike than sit in the trailer, but he's gotten really good about staying in there and keeping his helmet on.

I'm also super busy right now. I just got a new calling as the 2nd councilor in the Relief Society Presidency, so I'm in charge of planning all of the evening activities. I spent several hours today getting things organized, but it's going to be hard finding enough people to be on the activity committee.
I also just started an 8 week fitness challenge. My best friend Essi's family is doing it, and she invited me to join up. It's the first one I've heard of where it isn't based purely on weight loss, so I decided to join in! You get points for doing or not doing certain things, and it's all fairly easy, just a matter of doing it and keeping track. The hardest things are exercising 5 days a week for 30-45 minutes (or more), and not eating any sugary/sweet treats 6 days a week. We're in week 2 right now, and so far I have a perfect score! That'll change on Friday though. Justin, Jeremy and I are going camping with Essi and Mark, her hubby, and I'll definitely be breaking the rule to not eat after 9pm. It IS camping, after all!

That's all I have for now, but I'll try to update more often as time permits.


Heidi said...

Glad you're back, I love keeping up with family.

Ruth said...

Thanks for the update :)

Kathy said...

Love the pictures