Monday, June 3, 2013

Arizona Trip

Just a few short pictures from our most recent trip to AZ:
Worn out from all the fun 

Dustin and BJ (Benjamin Jr. aka Samuel)


This one I had to post. Jenny looks so grown up, just from the way she's standing. I can't get over how fast they grow!

And this is best appreciated after seeing the following:

I know this one is blurry, but it cracks me up. I wonder where Katie gets it?

Matching pink girls, matching dark blue boys

A loving, tired daddy

This little guy was never hard to get smiles or laughs from. The hardest thing was getting non-blurry pictures of them!

Grandma kisses are the best

Or is Grandpa playtime the best? 

Too bad Aunt Natalie didn't get the tongue-out memo

Jeremy LOVES screens. It doesn't matter who is in charge of them!

Very different than any pictures from when I was a baby, that's for sure! 

We had a great time in Arizona. Thank you so much Mom and Dad C for the tickets and hospitality, and Mom and Dad M for the place to stay. It was wonderful seeing everyone! 


Ruth said...

Love all the pics! Thanks for posting.

Heidi said...

Such a sweet family!!