Thursday, March 8, 2012

Updates on Life

Despite the fact that I usually have very little to occupy my time during the day, life has been pretty busy lately. Here's a little glimpse into mine and Justin's life as of late.

Of course, there was the trip back home for Jenny's baptism.

Since getting home though, Justin had the opportunity to go on a 20 mile hike. He was very tired for the next several days! I have a nice picture of him at the top, but for some reason it won't post. Sorry :( 

Right before I got home, Justin got into a car accident. It was just a little fender bender, no one was hurt, but the other guy's car got some hefty damage. Justin was waiting to turn into our cul-de-sac from the little two lane street (one lane each way) when the other guy rear-ended him. So, definitely not Justin's fault, but the other guy, who was driving his girlfriend's car (Boy was she NOT happy) didn't have insurance. Luckily we have coverage for that! It took forever for Geico to confirm that the other driver was uninsured (they bought insurance the next day and tried to use it), but yesterday we got a call saying they confirmed it, so now we can finally get our car fixed. Hooray! 

I also found out that I'll be getting a calling very soon, but since it isn't official yet, I can't say what it is. It will definitely keep me busy though! 

Earlier this week I had a doctors appt. Well, it didn't go exactly as I'd hoped. Apparently the OB/GYN won't do anything to look into blood pressure, so I had to find a Primary Care Doctor for that. I've got an appt schedule for just under two weeks from now, so hopefully we're on the right track there! Other than that, lots of tests were ordered. Still waiting for most of the results, but really I think the blood pressure issue is linked to the problem, if not the problem itself. I was really disappointed that my bp was still high at the appt this week, since I've been really good about sodium lately. For the past two or three weeks, I've only been having 50-75% of the daily recommended allotment for sodium. Why isn't that helping? :(

I also had an interview yesterday. I want to have something to do during the day to get me out of the house, so I applied for a job as an English tutor. Well, two hours after applying I got a call to set up an interview. The interview went really well, and they actually offered me the job, but I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to take it. It is funded by No Child Left Behind, so there's the potential for funding to be cut off (you know, since the program is so wildly popular). Mostly though I've just had a bad feeling about it since getting some of the details. They don't really cover the costs for anything. Like the background and TB check, the materials for training, mileage for getting to students' houses... So I'm thinking of just going down to the elementary school Thomas Edison, which is all of .3 miles from my house, and seeing if I can volunteer there. I just feel like it might be the better option. 

That just about sums up our life lately. My Mom is coming into town tomorrow (Hooray!), so hopefully I'll get lots of good pictures to post after that :) 

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Ashley W. said...

I'm sorry your appt didn't go as planned. I'd say go with your gut on the tutoring thing. Zach has had that happen before with a couple of jobs and it just never worked out when one of us didn't feel great about it up front.
Love the pictures!