Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm ready to say goodbye. I'm ready to say hello to fun cobweb decorations, adorable baked goods, and the excitement of Christmas approaching. I'm ready to wave fairwell to the hot, humid weather, the endless days, the boredom at work. I'm ready for Fall! Anybody else? I know many adults dread the approach of Christmas with all the present-buying and constant nagging from children: how many days left? Can I have this for Christmas?

I don't know if I'm different because I don't have any children yet, or because I just genuinely love the spirit of the holidays. Everyone is so much more cheerful! I love thinking of things that I know my loved ones will like. I love putting up decorations (taking down is another story), delivering baked goods to friends and neighbors, and spending wonderfully ridiculous amounts of time with family.
You know what? Michael's already has Christmas stuff out. Does that mean I can start decorating? Please?? I don't know, maybe I'd get sick of Christmas decorations being up for 144 days... Probably not.
Well, for those of you out there with the summer blues, here's some holiday cheer:


Ruth said...

Christmas and Graduation in the same month. That's alot to look forward to. Enjoy the journey!

Ashley W. said...

I don't think it is because you don't have kids yet. And I have noticed more people this year that are already starting to talk about wanting it to be Christmas than any other year that I can remember. I guess there is just something in the air this year!

Ashley W. said...

And thank you for turning off word verification! :) :) :)